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Circut Wild Cards Bling-Aid Card

Circut Wild Cards Bling-Aid Card Image
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  • Cricut Expression Machine
  • Cricut Wild Cards Cartridge
  • 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in a very light and a darker shade of any color
  • Ink that coordinates with the darker color
  • 8 1/2" x 11" white cardstock
  • Cuttlebug Mesh Emboss Folder


  1. Cut 6 1/2" blackout mode band aid image from white cardstock using Cricut. This will go inside the card and provide a place to write the get well message.
  2. Cut 6 3/4" band aid image from lightest version of color being used. This is the card body.
  3. Cut 6 3/4" liner band aid image from darker cardstock. This will go on top. If you are making multiple cards, you can get 4 of these images on one sheet or more if using 12x12 paper. Just use auto-fill and cut all of them at once.
  4. Run liner cutout through mesh emboss folder. Check to see how it mounts and how the folder works so you get bumps that go up when you mount it before you run it through. There is only one way the pieces line up correctly at assembly time.
  5. Mount embossed liner image to card front, leaving left and right edges free. It will only work one way - figure out which way before you put tape or glue on it.
  6. Fold base (if not already done) and the white blackout image. Dry fit white to inside of card to figure out which way it goes.
  7. Cut the white piece on the fold line so it won't interfer with the card opening and closing when its mounted.
  8. Mount the white pieces inside the card.
  9. Stamp left and right strips on band aid with get well images in a stamp color that matches the darker cardstock.
  10. If this card is intended to be feminine, you can make it a bling aid by putting some glitter glue in each of the air holes. A better quality product like stickles that has a lot of glitter for the amount of glue will work better. Cheaper products may leave the inside of the card warped after the paper dries.
  11. If this is intened to be masculine, or you don't like glitter, leave the air holes white or color them with chalk or colored pens or other produce that won't bleed through to the inside.

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