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The {Stamps} of Life November 2009 Color Challenge Card

The {Stamps} of Life November 2009 Color Challenge Card Image
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  • 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" Stampin' Up! Old Olive cardstock
  • Colorbox Frost White stamp pad
  • Stampin' Up! Rose Romance cardstock
  • Stampin' Up! Rose Red cardstock
  • Stampin' Up! Black Basic ink pad
  • Stampin' Up! Rose Romance marker
  • white cardstock
  • The {Stamps} Of Life Joy2Christmas Nov 2009 Stamp Set
  • Crystal Stickles


  1. Stamp the snow globe in black on Stampin' Up! Old Olive cardstock. Try to stamp it as straight as possible or else it will show later when you mount the white/rose strip.
  2. Color the base of the snowglobe using the Stampin' Up! Rose Romance marker. Since you are coloring on green, it comes out a brownish color, but it ends as a great match for other colors.
  3. Stamp the snowflakes onto the background using Colorbox Frost White stamp pad. Start with the largest one first and space them out and then randomly fill in with the smaller two snowflakes in the set. This ink is extremely wet and juicy and you may need to let it set a while before it completely dries so be careful with the card after this step. The stamp pad is also very spongy so you only need to use very light pressure in inking the stamp.
  4. Stamp the snowman on white cardstock.
  5. Fussy cut out the snowman (and his little arms).
  6. Secure the snowman to the front of the card well because its gets glittered later and you don't want it to crinkle up. I used a light coat of Scrappy Glue over the entire back surface.
  7. Cut a strip of Stampin' Up! Rose Romance cardstock just wide enough for the Christmas stamp.
  8. Cut a strip of Stampin' Up! Rose Red 1/4" wider to go underneath the Rose Romance.
  9. Cut a strip of white paper 1/4" wider to go under the Rose Red.
  10. Stamp "merry CHRISTMAS" on on the Rose Romance paper in black.
  11. Mount the Rose Romance paper on the Rose Red and the result onto the white strip.
  12. Now you get to see how straight you stamped the snowglobe. Without adhesive, line the mounted strips with the bottom line on the snow globe and check how things will work out. If you are off a little bit, place the strip straight but slightly above the bottom line and it won't be visible to the naked eye.
  13. Mount the strip onto the card.
  14. Cover the snowman with as light of a coat of the Crystal Stickles as you can manage. The crystal color looks like a white when it is reflecting well but up close you can see it has a lot of a rose colored fine glitter mixed in with it so works perfectly for the colors on the card.
  15. Lightly run the Crystal Stickles along the white edging on the top and bottom of the strip. The glitter makes the card really stand out in person, but did translate as well to the web.
  16. Let the card dry overnight.

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